We offer additional functionality for institutions that are running learning circles across multiple locations (“teams”). Each team is led by an organizer, who works closely with P2PU to ensure that new facilitators in their area have everything they need to run learning circles.

Teams are granted the following features and functionality:

  • Customizable learning circle team website
  • Team profiles featured on the P2PU site
  • Weekly email with team updates
  • Proprietary course management
  • Aggregated learning circle feedback and data

Current learning circle teams are visible at If you would like to start a new team, read on!

Team Sites

Each team has a unique learning circle landing page, which features all learning circles happening across a team. The URL will be set to[your team]; with [your team] being whatever an organizer determines is most memorable and descriptive for their audience. The top of the team site features information unique to the team, including a header image, logo, introductory about text, and links for a dedicated website and contact email.


All learning circles affiliated with that team will appear below the header, accompanied by a learner-facing FAQ:


Organizers can edit the top half of the team site directly from their dashboard by clicking ‘edit team information’. Changes that organizers make through this form should update almost immediately. Other changes (like editing the team name and URL), need to be handled by P2PU directly.


Team Profiles

All P2PU accountholders can update their profile through account settings ( Profiles of teammembers are featured in a few different ways:

First, team sites feature a carousel of all team members. Facilitators who have uploaded a photo will appear first, followed by others with a placeholder image like this:


Organizers should encourage faciltiators to add an image so that they can be fully featured on their team site!

Additionally, organizer profiles will also be featured on P2PU’s team directory (

Changes made to team membership - both adding/removing members and updating profile images - will not be immediately reflected on the team site but will be updated when P2PU next pushes changes to the website (generally at least once a week). You can send an email to if you need these updates visible sooner.

Team Activity Updates

Team organizers receive a weekly update every Monday. This update contais information about past, present, and upcoming learning circle meetings on your team, including learning circle reports, weekly feedback from facilitators, and information about who is signing up. Facilitators can opt into receiving this weekly update through their account settings.


Additionally, all team members (both organizers and facilitators) will see a new block on their dashboard that highlights upcoming learning circles across the team.

Proprietary Course Management

P2PU is constantly moderating the list of online courses available at One of our goals with course moderation is to ensure that facilitators never encounter a course that they cannot freely access. In addition to deleting courses outright, we will flag a course as “proprietary” if it comes from a pay-to-play vendor like Lynda or GALE. These courses will no longer appear on the public course page search, but they will continue to appear for logged in users who are on the same team as the person who added the course (the assumption being that team members have access to the same proprietary materials).

Aggregated Data Collection

During a learning circle, P2PU collects a variety of information from both facilitators and participants (see All information is aggregated by team and shared with organizers on a regular basis.

Creating and Managing a Team

If you would like to start a new team, please create a P2PU account and contact Once set up, you will see a new block on your learning circle dashboard called Team Management, where you can view team members, invite new team members, and edit your team site.


There are threee ways to invite people to your team:

Option 1: Automatically through email domain

If your team is associated with an organization that has its own email domain, we can save the email domain in your team settings so that any new facilitator with a validated matching email address will automatically receive an invitation to join your team. For example, if your team members all have staff emails such as, you can set as your team domain so that when someone with an email address like registers on the P2PU platform, they’ll get invited to join the team. Reach out to P2PU if you would like us to set this up for you.

Option 2: Email invitation

You can send invitations directly via email. If the recipient already has a P2PU account, they will be prompted to join your team. If they do not, they will be asked to create a P2PU account and then be promoted to join your team.