The learning circle dashboard is your home on P2PU. From here, you can create learning circles, manage existing learning circles, and see what else is happening around the community. You can also access your dashboard directly at https://learningcircles.p2pu.org/en/.

Dashboard Components


My Learning Circles

The first table on your Dashboard shows the learning circles of which you are the facilitator. You have three tabs that list your upcoming, current, and completed learning circles. If you don’t have any yet, click on “Start a learning circle” to create one.

My Team’s Learning Circles

You only have this table if you are part of a team. It shows all of the learning circles facilitated by members of your team.

If you are part of a larger organization that is running learning circles (such as Chicago Public Library), you should contact your learning circle organizer to make sure that you are added to the team. This will ensure that information about your learning circles is shared with them and that you have access to this section on your Dashboard.

My Courses

As a facilitator, you can add online courses to the P2PU platform to use in a learning circle. This table shows the courses that you have added, along with a link to go to the course editing page for each one. If you haven’t added any courses yet, you’ll have the option to “Add a course”.

My Events

P2PU has a community events calendar that facilitators can add relevant events to. If you haven’t added any events, you can do so in this section. If you have created any events, you will be able to view and edit them in this table.

Notifications and Announcements

If there are any actions that you need to take, such as validating your email address, a personalized notification will appear at the top of your dashboard. On the top right, you will see any announcements directed at all facilitators.

Additional Dashboard Features

What’s Happening this Week: By default, this section shows up to three upcoming meetings taking place globally. On the “My Team” tab, if you are on a team you will see the upcoming meetings for learning circles facilitated by your team members.

Latest Discussion: This section shows the five most recently commented topics from the community forum, along with a direct link to the forum home page.

Featured Resources: The top resources that we think are crucial for facilitators to have easy access to on their Dashboard.

Recent Successes: This is where we highlight recently completed learning circles with a link to the learning circle’s final report based on learner and facilitator feedback.

Latest Posts on Instagram: P2PU is on Instagram. This section shows our two most recent posts. You can also click through to our account.

Joining a Team

Some elements of the dashboard are only visible to people who are on a team. Joining a team means that:
  • Your learning circles will appear on your team’s learning circle page, making it easier for people in your community to find your learning circles.
  • You’ll be informed of other learning circles happening across your team through your dashboard and a weekly update. (You can configure email communications in account settings).
  • Your email address will be visible to other members of your team in the weekly update.
  • Information about your learning circles will be included in any reporting or evaluation that your team is conducting.

You can see current teams at: https://www.p2pu.org/en/teams/


If you have any questions, encounter any problems or need to do something that is not addressed above, you can contact us at support@p2pu.org or on our forum.